Club Champs 2017

Club Championships will be help on Tuesday evenings throughout June and July.  Start time is 8.00pm and swimmers will be finished by 9.30 with younger swimmers likely to swim in earlier heats.

Events are 50, 100 and 200m all strokes, 100 and 200IM and 400 free.  Swimmers should swim as many events as possible, though there may be some concessions for younger signets and Linda will advise which events they will swim.

Swimmers will be notified on the night which events will be taking place.  Most evenings there will be 2 events.  If swimmers are absent from the session for any reason, unfortunately they will not be able to swim that event on a later date.  This is due to the logistics involved in organising the championships.

Swimmers should treat this as a normal gala.  Swimmers need to bring T-shirt and a towel to sit on on poolside.  Please don’t forget water bottles.  There is a short warm up period.  Swimmers will be allocated heats based on their ability so they may be swimming against swimmers who are not in their age group.  There will be plenty of people around to make sure younger swimmers are on the blocks for the start of their race but swimmers should make sure they are aware of the heat they are in and which heats have already been swum.

Swimmers times will be recorded and these will be used to work out the placings for each event and the overall age group winner.  Age Groups are age at 31 December.

We need some parental support to run these events and if there aren’t enough volunteers we would be able to hold the event.  To run the Club Championships we need up to:

8 x Timekeepers
1 x chief time keeper
1 x Ref
1 x starter
2 x place judges
2 x turn judges
2 x stroke judges

If you haven’t done this before, please don’t worry.  Time keeping is a good place to start and there are plenty of people around to help you, provide advice and answer you questions.  Please bring a stop watch if you have one.

Any Questions – please speak to Linda or one of the other coaches or email

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