New Bank Details

Please be aware that we are changing bank accounts and you will have to update your standing order to the new account details from 1 May 14. Details of the new account can be found in the swimmers folder.  Please check that your standing order is for £45 per month.

Bag Packing

Bag Packing at a local supermarket is an excellent way to raise much needed funds for the Club.

We have managed to secure 2 dates at TESCO in St Neots – Saturday 12 April 2014 and Saturday 19 July 2014.

There will be 3 sessions on both dates and ALL squad members (signets and swans) are asked to volunteer for at least one of the six sessions.

Adult supervision is also a requirement and so parent helpers are also needed. Please put your names forward to hep. The sheet is up on the club noticeboard.

All swimmers are asked to wear their Club hoodies, T-Shirts or Teabags so that they can easily be recognised by shoppers.